Nephanie's Life
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2003-07-26 20:37:52 (UTC)


Ok i have no self pity here or anything i'm just stating
the facts...i'm basiclly like a shadow...wait no you can
see those...but in a sence yes...i'm always in the
background...Ummm yah....that...other minute
girl...ummm...yah...angela's sister...ummm...whats her
name?...oh, oh well....this might come across as jealous
but how comes it seems that i'm an alright kid but honestly
what the fuck do i get?? Well i mean i get clothes,
jewelry, and money...but thats just fucken shit to pawn me
off on...i get that stuff just so everyone can say how
wonderfull they are for getting that for me or blah blah
blah but...idk no one knows who the hell i am lol and no
one notices if i'm there or not...but angela has like
everyone wants...attention...i mean and its not "bad"
attention but bafucken jesus she goes out has sex
with "guys" and gets knocked up and everyones so like proud
and happy i mean Victoria is the most beautiful lil girl
ever but i mean her mom gets praised for having a baby at
age 18???? I mean she still can't go places alone, has no
job...and she never does anything for us...but for some
reason i'm the terrible child that my parents think is a
slut that doesn't do anything...i mean don't get me wrong i
love angela and everything and i hope nothing ever bad
happens to her but i just don't understand i but
yah..everyones so stupid yah i'm dating Dan, a 21 year old
but bajesus we're not having sex!!! RETARDS!!!! I wonder if
anyone fucken notices that girls mature faster then boys so
what happens to the girls when they want to date? They
usually want to date an older guy b/c the guys their ages
or fucken dumb asses but i guess no one fucken thinks...oh
well...i can't be controlled forever...and no one can
fucken control what i think....but yah who cares? Obviously
not you but oh well...we suffer and die...Peace out kids!

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