Ode to a psycho!HA!
2003-07-26 04:31:08 (UTC)

Hold on to your seats folks, it's gonna be a bumpy ride

well, the shit is finally about to hit the fan. we have no
money left. Literally we have 500 dollars in the bank and
that's all the money to my families name, and thousands and
thousands of dollars in debt. absolute thousands. all the
result of two years of unrelentless spending and no income.
works slow, my mother's finally taken a job in a public
school again just to give us a steady paycheck. My dad has
no work coming anytime soon, and refuses to look for a full
time job somewhere. I'm not sure if it's just that he
refuses, or that he's experiencing some kind of midlife
crisis or something. either way we're fucked. I shouldn't be
worrying about this. This isn't my resonsibility. I know
it's not because they told me it's not. Shit, God, Fuck,
It's just not fair.