*~ My Diary ~*
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2003-07-26 00:33:16 (UTC)

julie, pher, and some other ppl

today was boring as idk what. i went 2 work from 8-5. i
thought i was gonna die b|c i didnt have anything to do.

im waitin for Pher to get on. but i dont think he is. i
think i like him :/ but im not sure b|c i think me &
garett are talkin. but idk. im very confused right now.
but julie is always here for me to talk to. :) she is my
best friend ever.

i need to go get my nails re-done guys. my momma better
take me.

come on pher get ur happy ass online i need to talk to u.
he prolly went to the lot r sumthin. who knows. lol. o
well i'll talk to him later.

im very bored kids. wow i have nuthin to write about
today. that sucks.

to be continued...

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