lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-07-26 00:20:58 (UTC)

the mallory theory

"what if he was really an angel and one day when he decided you
didn't need any help in your tough situation he just flew away and
you never saw him again?"

that's why i love mal. things that no one else would ever say or
think are totally normal and possible to her...wah ah ah.

anyhow, i've always felt i would be an extreme failure if i stopped
writing altogether because i always want stuff to look back on...and
when i'm going through some super-exciting stuff, i never feel like, right now, as life is coming up roses and i'm stoked
with everything and God has blessed me in ways i couldn't have
fathomed a few months ago...i have no desire to write...sad?
maybe. but oh so true. besides, if i wrote everything in this little
public place you might barf because i am literally ecstatic right
now. i went to traffic school today and even that hasn't killed my
joy a bit...i'm hideously happy. and i really like my boyfriend. and
i'm going to hume with all my best friends. and i'm growing with
God. and my family likes me. ahh it hurts how great things are
right now. my cheeks hurt from grinning. oh yeah...and i got the
second picture of meena and totally started crying...i'm such a sap.
but things are just soo enormously awesome, i can't even stand it!

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