I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-07-25 05:47:33 (UTC)


Sunday awoke with us baking in the heat. And it was crunch
time for Nicole and her paper that was due Monday. Plus,
she had a really bad cold and couldn't breathe and felt
like shit and had a research paper due in less than 24
hours. Yeah.

So Kelly and I went off by ourselves. We went to a little
diner up the street and had good diner breakfast for a
very fair price (my 2 eggs over-easy with toast and
homefries and a drink was only $2.69!! woohoo!) and then I
wanted to go to the end of the Green Line to Boston

It was beautiful. By far my favorite campus in Boston (of
the ones I've seen which are Boston University, Harvard,
Emerson and MIT). Maybe it was because I was looking at it
on a Sunday. Maybe because it has a football stadium. I
don't know. I just liked it the best.

There were tons of trees and a beautiful church and it
seemed removed from the hustle and bustle of Boston but
still just a T ride away from all the glamour. Kelly
commented on feeling very studious while walking around. I
agreed and we decided that when we are rich we'll go to
school there together.

We took the T back towards Boston and got off near Boston
Common. What we found was a great surprise. Legos!! Ya
know how bands go on tour? Well Lego goes on tour too. We
turned up at Lego:Boston. They go to a bunch of cities
throughout the states and set up tents where kids and
their families can come and Lego. (Is Lego a verb and a
noun? Is it possible to Lego? Would it still be
capitalized? Do I really need to put this many parentheses
in this entry?)

We walked through and looked at the kids and went to a
tent where an emcee (another good looking guy) was telling
everyone to build something that reminded them of their
hometown. It was really cool. The kids got stickers and
yellow plastic construction worker hats. Kelly and I were
jealous. There was also the Duplo tent for really little
kids. It was really fun. But we kept walking.

The next thing we came across was the Frog Pond. It's
this...well, huge hole in the ground. A wading pool really
(and they use it for skating in the winter as I found out
later). The city had put up a fountain in the middle and
the water was only ankle deep on Kelly (I didn't go in).
There were tons of kids keeping cool on this hot day. What
a great idea!! The kids were having a great time and the
parents were relaxing and some were following little ones
around the pond.

How come my damn town doesn't do something like that? And
how come Lego doesn't come to Florida? I think they're
Floridaracist. Bah.

Our walk continued to the Boston gardens where the swan
boats are and lovely grass and flowers. Another thing
about the northeast; much better grass. Soft and cool and
sweet. Not the cra(p)b grass that I'm used to. Lovely. And
E.B. White wrote of the swan boats in one of my favorite
books "The Trumpet of the Swan". Go read it if you

I also wanted to go to Chinatown as I've never been to one
before. We have a Vietnamese section here, but it is
nothing like the Chinatown in Boston. Wow.

I managed to navigate the T like a pro (cause I just rule)
and got us exactly where I wanted to be. It was so neat. I
like the fact that you turn a corner and all of a sudden
it's like you're in a different city.

Kelly and I walked through and went into a grocery store
and saw raw fish and dried shrimp candy and odd produce.
There was bargaining and deal making going on everywhere.

We kept walking and saw whole cooked ducks hanging in
windows. Then Kelly saw a sign that said

The Cute Shop
The Lovely Shop
The Pretty Shop

and an arrow pointing up a dark stairway.

Of course it caught our interest. We decided that it would
either be really good or really bad. After a closer
inspection of the stairway we saw that each step was
painted in a pastel color and decided to brave it.

Turns out that it was full of Sanrio and car stuff (Cute
Shop), hair accessories (Pretty Shop), and clothing that
you can only look good in if you are petite (Lovely Shop).
Kelly got Nicole a bracelet with plungers on it cause how
can you pass up happy plungers? Exactly. (Though we found
out later that it was a watch band. Oh well. She still
liked it.)

We walked around more and kept looking at the city. Lunch
was at Bennigans as it was the first place with air that
we came across when we were hungry and then we decided
that it was time to head back. We were hot and exausted
and rode back to see Nicole.

She liked her plungers. I didn't know that plungers could
be happy. I really don't want to know what happens when
they're sad....or even worse, angry. *shudder*

I loved Sunday.