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2003-07-25 05:15:30 (UTC)

A Boston Aside

Kelly reminded me of two things that I had forgotten, and
I have to add them in.

On Thursday when we went to a little pizza place around
the corner from Nicole's apartment, we were sitting in the
coolest spot in the store, right by the door and open
window. There wasn't a screen and no air conditioning (my
FL sensabilities showing here) and we were eating and
chatting and watching people walk by. We could have
reached out this window and literally grabbed the ass of
anyone who was walking by. Well, a little old lady walked
by and I was sitting closest to the window. She pointed at
something and muttered unintelligibly and swiped my soda
can. I had finished with it and she pointed to something
else and I thought it was the pizza. I told her that we
weren't done with it and she walked away.

I was aghast. I wasn't really sure what had happened. It
turns out that she wanted our cans to recycle because you
recieve money for them when you turn them in. It has been
so long since I've been to the Northeast that I had
forgotten that fact. I just thought she was homeless and
wanted the spitback in the bottom of my can. Gross, I
know, but that's really what I thought.

Now, the other thing happened while waiting in line for
aquarium tickets. It was a dreary Friday and cool and
every summer program in Boston was visiting that day.
There were kids EVERYWHERE. I digress.

We were people watching and making fun of others (because
we're so perfect that we can do that *snorting*) when
Kelly noticed a kid with a bike helmet on. We all looked
and it was a handicapped child (couldn't tell if it was a
boy or girl). The kid was walking on very bowed legs and
obviously having a rough time of it but it seemed that
he/she was very determined to do it by him/herself. So we
looked at this little kid and up to the helmet that he/she
was wearing (aren't I politically correct?) and then
followed up the arm to the hand of the person holding on
to his/her hand.





I swear. And the fact that he was the one walking very
slowly and taking tiny steps (he was really tall. A plus
in my book) to match the kids made him even more
attractive to us. We watched him walk with this kid down
the sidewalk and pass us by.

There's just something about guys with kids that get girls
our age (and older for that matter). Even if we don't want
kids (and a third of our group didn't) it still makes
your heart churn.

And the fact that he was hot to boot made him even more

He had a nice ass.


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