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2003-07-24 17:28:02 (UTC)


I have been to hell and I think I may still be in it

This last week was the most HORRIBLE time of my life. I'd
rather get my wisdom teeth out again. I honestly cannot
think of a worse time I have had in my life.
So first she invites CE to go along at the last minute so
that CE can get Steele out on trails. Which sux but is
fine cuz of all the people to go I think CE would be in my
top 5. So I offer to sit in the back seat cuz I didn't
want to exclude CE-well at least she wasn't excluded. I
sat there for 3 fucking hours...just sitting there. We
went to pizza hut for lunch and had gross disgusting pizza
which made me feel like I was going to throw up (and
incidentally that feeling didn't go away until I was back
at home). So yeah we get there and we decide to go for a
ride. Well fucking Christ. It's like 30 fucking degrees
and we're walking through open fields and I'm dying here
and I'm like 'must go back'. It was disgusting...and
again I'm in the back (cuz that's where Splash likes to
be) so I'm alone with him. And then she's like "should we
go back or go further...?" so I say back and then she's
like "but I want to find this river valley trail thing"
and keeps's like "why the hell would you even
ask then?" So yeah we ride for fucking ever before getting
back. I've said about 3 words since we left. So She and
CE get all comfy in the shade of her truck and trailer and
I'm like...oooh so much room for me, so I go inside the
gooseneck and lay there (did I mention how fucking boring
it was...I have never been so bored in my I
was happy that it was bedtime just so I could sleep and
not be bored). And then CE and her decide to play games
and stuff and I'm like well I don't know how to play so
whatever so they play and I lay there. And then after
supper they were playing again by the time I was done with
dishes so I went for a hike at like 10pm through the was nice it took about an hour and I was all
sweaty and whatever and I come back and CE and her are
just laying there talking so I grab my shower stuff and
leave without saying anything and then I come back and
both of them just leave. I was like what the
yeah and then she comes back and CE goes to take a shower
so she comes in and gets ready for bed and then gets into
bed so we're both laying there not saying anything both
wide was kinda awkward but fuck if I'm going to
say anything.
Tuesday I didn't get up...they fed and watered Splash,
made breakfast and I refused to get up...she came in and
was like "breakfast" and I'm like "I'm not eating" and
then I lay there till they were ready to leave and she's
like "are you riding" and I'm like "I don't want to go and
ride in the sun again" and she was like "it's not my
fault" I rode and it rained and I fell off and he
kicked me in the back and I was in pain and she fucking
says "*name*, don't" and the way she said it was so
fucking cute and ugh...I just loved her more for
I was pissed as hell that they wouldn't get off to help me
and in pain but she said it so yeah we rode for
another couple of hours and I was like bracing against
Splash's neck just to stay up...I was ready to get off and
walk...and I just wanted to get off...I have never wanted
to get off a horse more than this last week. So yeah,
Tuesday supper was disgusting-steak and Ceasar
Salad...whatever...Tuesday night we slept really in my head was against her and our pillows were
touching and yeah, we woke up and we were looking at each
other...and I so want her...and fucking Christ...Tuesday
she goes and fucking rolls up her tank top so it's like a
halter dare she!!!! Like I'm sitting here
suffering...damn her. Wednesday was boring as hell wasn't bad in the morning but then she goes and
sits next to CE again and I'm like fuck whatever,
it went downhill from there...the trails were so bloody Blackfoot and Ministik are cheaper and
closer and pretty much the whatever, bored outta
my mind on the trail ride and then we go eat supper and
she dumps out the rest of supper when I go to get
something to's like "fuck whatever, let's get
the hell outta here"...and then on the way back, cuz it
was hot in the back seat I made them have the AC up all
the way...and she kept turning it down and then off...I
was like "can you keep the AC on PLEASE?" and she's
like "but we're cold up here." I'm like "whatever." and
that's about all I said was a horrible experience
that I supremely I spent 60 bux and missed
my RCMP thing and for what?...I think I'm going to go