Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2003-07-24 11:03:08 (UTC)

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becca's not going to read this diary ever again, nither is
stephanie. i'm just mad, sad, depressed and i cant help any
bit of it, ive been having a bad time. they day befor my
mom and I were supposed to go out to lunch with scott steph
and becca decide to spend the night, i did'nt even ask
then, they just assumed it was ok. so anyways, they stayed
over while my cousin josh was in town and he's like the
older brother i never had, i'm reallyclose with him and i
love tlaking to him. i relly look up to him, but since
becca and steph were over i couldent hang out with josh(in
his 20's) at all. I was so sad about that...he came all the
way from new york and wasspending 1 night with us and i
couldent be with him.argggg god that really got me mad,
becuase josh like never visits us, we always visit him, and
when he came i was so exited to hang out with him for a
while but steph and becca kept me real buisy. they were
acting so fucking juvinille and immature and it just pissed
me off, so that night they slept in my bed and i slep in
the living room couch becuase i was just really pissed. i
told them i was just tired and wanted to sleep, but i jsut
wanted to get away from them. in the morning i found that
my just cleaned room was compleatly trashed, and then
stephnie brought food up to my room which i have no prob
with as long as she brings her dirty dishes back to the
kitchen, and she did'nt. i had blankets MY CLOTHES and i
just really sort of broke after that, i cant have a good
time wit them now. i was really depressed that night alone
in my trashed room and i called scott kinda crying about it
and he made me feel a lot better, but then he told becca
about it all and that really kinda upset me becuase i didnt
want her bitching and moaning about it for like the rest of
my life. but whatever scott only tries to help and i love
him for that, i have to go to swim practice, god it's 7:00
in the morning uch i'm tired.

the used-"poetic tragedy"