Soon to be dead
2003-07-24 06:58:26 (UTC)

Things are getting better

Things are starting to get better here in Hawaii. One
thing that sucks though is that Shelby got sent home early
b/c of his behavior and the only person here now is Chanae
and no offense but she isn't the easiest person to stay
around all the time. She gets in the really bitchy moods
and she makes you not want to be around here. But all of
that is besides the point. My mom is actually starting to
pay attention to me and I am starting to have fun. I went
with my mom out to lunch today and then we just drove
around talking and going to different places. Tommorrow
we are supposed to be going to see th Arizona at Pearl
Harbor and after that I have to get my haircut. I am
going to be home on Aug.7 yay!!! I can't wait but then I
also wish it were never, it really sucks. G2G now