No time for love Dr. Jones
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2003-07-24 05:03:34 (UTC)

What a pain in my ass. Kinda...

Well, last Sunday Belinda and I went to my mum & dad's
place for dinner and I was mucking around with my little
sister Georgia. Belinda, Clare, Aaron and myself were
playing Monopoly (and I was actually winning, wahoo!), when
Georgie wanted to get up on a stool that was next to my
chair. As I went to pick her up, something in my back went
kapow, and I could barely stand up. It was not cool. So
I've had most of this week off, sitting around the house in
pain, moaning about how it hurt. Fun.

I came into work today to check email stuff (I'm waiting to
find out if I've been accepted for a credit card) and to
hang out. Tomorrow I officially go on holidays, weeee! I
leave for Melbourne on Tuesday. BFO, yeah!

When I got in today, I got in trouble with the I.T. guy
here. The computer I used before I got my promotion has
just broken down and apparently it had something to do with
the 12,000 emails I've sent to Carolyn from that computer.
Holy Shit! That's a LOT of biscuits.

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