*~ My Diary ~*
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2003-07-24 04:19:05 (UTC)

First EnTryyyyy

hey. sam sed mi name for mi diary was sexxi. idk y. shes
just a crazi kid. but i love her dearly. i kno we dont
talk as much as we used to, but is ok b|c i still love u

i kno i tried to make like 500938529652 of these things
but i promise im gonna stick to this one guys. i promise.

my life is pretti much boring as hell but i'll try and
find sumthin to write about in here. lol.

i wanna go back to julies house. i like it over there. im
supposed to be stayin over there for a week when my mom
and stepdad go on vacation. i hope they let me stay there
b|c they found out thats where i see chris at. they prolly
will if i beg enuff tho.

corey geiger is the funniest kid i know. see if u can
figure out what words he secretly put in here for me.
*BigKaHuna147 (11:12:54 PM):
yea. it says fuck u bitch if u didnt guess. lol. thanks
corey. i love u buddy.
*BigKaHuna147 (11:14:06 PM): only for u
i love that kid.

well im going right now b|c im tired. theres alot more to
type about but i'll save it for later.

till next time.....


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