champagne supernova
2003-07-23 23:17:38 (UTC)

blue bird

he'll be here in 10 days, hich is funny because since i hve
been home...wich has been for over a week, we havent taked
muh and its bothering me beyond belief. gr he has been
impossible to get ahold of. oh well ill see him soon!!! i
cant wait but at the same time i owe him a kick in the
tukis for being so damn unreachable latly! but i love em'so
denise's party was fun. i ws tired but i had a good time
and for some reason i have been cooking alot latly i dont
kow why i made a home made cheesecake the other day with
homemade gramcracker crust, veryyyyygooooood. suprisngly
tasty for my first cheesecake., and then i made griled
hamburgers, and today i made dinner for tomorrow night!
its on of those things where u have to let the food chill
over nite to get the flavors all blended, i made homemde
french onion soup, (it was a bich slicing the onions...i
was crying unbelievably)with a spinich strawberry sald,
so mae the soup and made this salad...i even made the
damn SALAD DRESSING! oive im good! it came out realllly
tasty too, excpet now my hole aprtmet smels like onion. i
had to g to the store ndbuy all this crap to make the
salad dressing, : red wine vnegar, poppy seeds, paprika,,
sugar, dijon mustard, everything elsew i had here, so
itcame out tasty andits orange!!! an orage salad dressig! (
ok i know there is french, but dont burst my bubble)
anywho i will leave u with some more words.
" let the sun rise in the sink and the toilet flush in the
midst of someones shower" ...dont know why i said
that ...but there u have i ta-ta for now! 10
days..... the strange moranga international spy of
cooking.... fancy