The Sexy Blonde
2003-07-23 06:57:32 (UTC)


Okay, here goes on catching up this diary. Jose and I
discussed our sex life, and we are going to stop. He tells
me that he doesn't want me to become -pregnant before I can
walk down the isle in my wedding dress. I pretty much
agreed to it in a way. I think all that sex made my hips
really wide. Anyway, I do love him. We discussed something
I asked him why he doesn't want to go to church and he said
it would be like lying to God. He says he doesn't deserve
to go yet, he cusses, and has sex. He told me he is not
ready to go back yet, but he would like to soon. He needs
to think about his future, my future, our future, our
future family's future, and so on and so forth. I mean...I
don't want my kids to know what cuss words are until they
are about 10 or so, like me, but since Jose was little he
had cussed.

We have so much to talk about. I just read about the
sextuplets over and over in different articles online, and
I can not believe what a mircle that was. Oh, and a lady in
Houston had octuplets, 8 babies..geezz.. I always wanted
twins, but I would be afraid to take pills for extra kids,
I might get 5, which would be great, but not all at once I

Have a great day!
God Bless You!