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Ria Spark's Grumblings and Musings
2003-07-23 06:27:47 (UTC)

The Inter-Dwellings of Ria Spark

I've decided (and started) setting up a web page devoted
solely to my interests and my personal hurrahs. Screw
everyone else. Lol, SCREW The Halls of Firelight! I'll
never be able to manage that website and get people to come
to it. So ya know what? I'm making a website just for me, a
page that I can come to to find my favorite links, admire
my favorite boys in Hollywood, and read my favorite Buffy
stories, all with a few clicks.

And twalla! The Inter-Dwellings of Ria Spark.

Yeah, I know. Freakin' lame name.

But ya know what? SCREW THAT! That should be my motto. This
webpage will solely be for the use of pleasing myself. And
I'm kinda taking a fonding to "Inter-Dwellings"; ok, even
if it was a spur of the moment thing, because I didn't
really want to go with "The Haven of Ria Spark". It's kinda
already been done, if ya know what I mean.

I think all this "Me, Me, Me! It's all about ME!" theory
has been inspired by my completely
lame/boring/pointless/waste of time summer. I'm through
pleasing other people. Did that enough times during
sophomore hell-year. God, I'm starting to think
viewing "10 Things I Hate About You" very recently is sort
of having a lasting effect on me. But you know what? TOO
FREAKIN' BAD!!! lol, it's all about ME anyway.

Okay, now I should stop sounding like a self-involved nut.
What I really want to do with this website this summer is
focus on exploring my interests. See who I really am. And
you know what? --->Maybe even show the world a bit about
myself too. (Even with all my "Don't Come to This Page"
warnings on my regular website, aka The Halls of [Freakin'
Lame] Firelight).

Hehe, I'm not usually this weird. But it's 11:24 PM, and I
don't really have anything interesting to write--I just
wanted to write an introduction for this journal. (Which I
pray I'll continue to write in and not lose interest like
last time...).

I think I've accomplished that mission for now.

--Besides, I want to end this "becoming clearer that it's
completely pointless" post and get back to reading Spuffy

Lol, enough with the ramblings.

Just let it be known:

This is the beginning of a wonderful adventure into my mind.
It doesn't matter that I might be the only passenger.

*** It's kinda the point. ***

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