No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-07-22 23:30:26 (UTC)

What do you think?

Be HONEST-Copy the questions and answers into a reply, or e-
mail it to me- [email protected]

1. Am I cute?
2. Am I crazy?
3. Am I lovable?
4. Am I funny?
5. Am I annoying?
6. Am I psycho?
7. Am I daring?

*Would You*
1. Miss me if I was gone?
2. Listen to my problems?
3. Hug me if I cried?
4. Be a good friend?
5. Get in a fight for me?
6. Run evil social espionage missions for me?
1. Would you ever go out with me?
2. If you already have, would you do it again?
3. Kiss me?
4. Marry me if you could?
5. Ever talk bad about me if we ever broke up?
6. Make out with me in a cemetery?
7. Snuggle with me?
1. When's my birthday?
2. Who is my best friend?
3. Who am I crushing on/dating?
4. Favorite color?
5. Favorite Animal?
6. Favorite music groups?
7. What song would you dedicate to me?
8. What would I use to dispatch a horde of hungry zombies?

If You Could*
1. Give me a new name, it would be?
2. Do one thing with me, it would be?
3. Drop me a piece of advice, it would be?
3. Kidnap me for a day, where would we go?

1. What do you love about me?
2. What do you hate about me (seriously)?
3. If you could change one thing about me, what would it
4. What song (if any) reminds you of me?
5. Do I remind you of any characters on TV?
6. Have you ever had a dream about me?
7. Do you think I'm a virgin?
8. If you just met me how old would you guess I am?
9. If you could give me anything... what would it be?

1. Am I ugly, average, decent, good looking, beautiful,
hot, etc?
2. Do you ever think about me offline?
3. If you could describe me in one word... what would that
word be?
4. Do you/have you ever had a crush on me?
5. When we first met, what were your thoughts?
6. If you had to describe to someone who I am and what I am
like, what would you tell them?
7. Do you wish we were closer?