lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-07-22 16:39:55 (UTC)

it's true what they say...

ok so britt and i had a little discussion...ok a big one...yesterday.
nothing bad, but just one of those fun things where someone stops
by to drop something off and you suck them in with your tentacles
and maaaake them sit in your room and make stupid jokes about
keys running away. ya know, buttlace.

anyhow, we were talking about how hume used to be THE
BIGGEST THING and we'd always be pumped for like a month
before it...and now here we are with something like five days to go
and we're barely starting to think about it...but i'm getting super-
stoked and i'm way glad we get to hang out together finally...and it
may sound cheesy, but who knows how much we'll be seeing
each other this year...working and doing college stuff and going to
different schools and whatnot...things just keep getting crazy so i'm
really glad we'll have a chance to get closer to God and each other
before we never see each other again. haha ok meg, that was for
you ;-)

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