It smells like poop over here
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2003-07-22 07:16:26 (UTC)

no tunes, im on someone else's puter

got kicked out, lost my car, took all my stuff and moved
in with nick, bought mike's truck, got fired, moved to
westland with rick and bea. had sex with lauren, tried to
quiet smoking very unsuccessfully, im gaining more and
more weight, that 40 pounds i lost is now down to 15.
lauren is on vaca for a week, i have no job, but i got
interview tomorrow. i lost my mattress on the freeway, i
broke my 5 foot tall mirror in the bed of my truck, i
busted my nut waaaay too early, condom ripped a little,
lauren is reeaally tight, i couldn't get up all the way in
her. i moved 30 miles away from my closest friends,
especially mike....these past two months have been really
crazy, and they've had their ups and downs. im not sure
what the fuck is going on. alli know now, is i feel pretty
i wanted to get moved out this summer, my mom kicked me
out, and now i got my own place. i wanted to get a real,
better, better paying job than algers, i got fired. i
don't have another job just yet, but whatever. just a fire
under my ass. fuck all that, i feel good. now my fat ass
is gonna go have a cigarette. PEACE