Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-07-22 03:45:07 (UTC)


Well well well. When things couldn't get much crazier,
another element kicks in. Tonight, around 9:45, I found
out, from my roommate, that a nemesis of the past is
coming back.

That nemesis is one of the evilest people I have ever
met. Laura. The prom girl. Yes, the one who screwed me
out of my senior prom is going to UCF!

Now, for those who may not know the story, this is not
good. When there is enough going on as it is, this just
may complicate things even more. From the source known as
my roommate, I found out that she will be living in the
apartment complex next to mine AND will be an RTV major,
which is my former major and I have a lot of friends in

I am completely shocked. I do not know what to think
about this whole situation. Between the Library and the
gym plus regular school stuff, there are a lot of chances
to see her. Even the thought of what happened sets me in
a furious tone. I wanna set that pain train inside of me
loose and let it go berserk on anyone and everyone.

To briefly recap, I asked this girl to my senior prom
about a week before and she said "yes". Two days before
the prom, I see her holding hands with some other guy. In
the class that we had together, she gave me a typed note
saying that she has decided to go with someone else. For
the 3 weeks between prom and graduation, she made out
where I entered the school and in front of the class that
we had together. It was like stabbing me in the back and
turning the knife back and forth. It's the thing I
remember most about my senior year. Not exactly the best
memory to have.

Something like this is one of those things that you'll
never forget. I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to
deal with this again. Now that it's back, I don't like
this one bit. I know I am thinking worst case scenario
here, but what the hell am I supposed to do in asituation
like this?

With all that is going on with my life right now, I am not
sure that having this possibility is good. However,
hopefully I am able to find a way to push me harder and
drive me even farther to being the best damn person this
world has ever seen......

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