A Chick-Somethin' called the Usual
2003-07-22 02:38:13 (UTC)


Nope I never got to the piercing my tounge. I pierced my
nose...but it wasnt anything mom wanted me
to so yeah the funb out of that but my dad didnt so it was
KINDA rebelious....i want to do cartidge....*yay* I think I
will..WAIT ...i am,...HAHA of course Imma get it soon $5
bucks eac.maybe the bar like denia...but i might be a joker
but its soooo cool.and no one has it so i think it should
do it....HAHA

theres really nothign about piecing but once i got my nose
I so wanted to pirce everything its kinda
addicting> really it is ...kinda like the pain
*pam walks away*
*pam cant wait until she get the bar/side of ear*

and im spent!