The end of a beginning
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2003-07-22 00:31:03 (UTC)

I fell closure

I feel closure
like this thing that we had is finally over
I feel I can go onwards,
unbidden by the guilt that is placed upon me by you
nothing ever lasted
as long as it should
and everything boiled over
just when the simmer started
I wish Icould convey to you
without being tongue tied
how nervous I am
at the prospect of seeing you again
and the pressure I imagine that you place upon me again
I feel as if nothing is working
sometimes I feel as if it all flies away
I wish you were here
as you once were
to let me know that it's all going to be ok
but I digress
I feel the end
of our long and tortured past
and I hope that next when I dive in
It will finally be the time that will last.

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