The Faeries' Revenge
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2003-07-21 22:23:31 (UTC)

Dream 2: una mal dia y un examen... lunes 21-7-03

I dreamed I overslept my alarm and that my father came
up to visit me. He was going to drive me to class but
needed to do some errands first. We were in the middle of
a hardware store and the cashier was taking a very long
time. I realized I was going to be late for class and
asked Dad if we could just leave & he could come back for
his stuff. We got in a huge fight and I arrived to class
at 9:30 (class starts at 9). It was the day of our midterm
and I was very freaked out when I finally got to class.
Professora Villogomez was just handing out the exams
because she was answering questions first, so she let me
take the exam but she was very disappointed in me.
Doubtfully by coincidence, when I really awoke at 7:30
(half an hour later than usual) I discovered my main alarm
clock hadn't been set right. Fortunately I made it to
school within plenty of time, but I think I did poorly on
the midterm anyway.

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