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Twisted Teenage Years
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2003-07-21 20:16:59 (UTC)

So I wrote him a letter...

Me and Brent have been at each other's throats for a while
now. I was actually starting to think it wasn't going to
work out. That he was having second thoughts. I mean... he
wouldn't talk to me or anything, and because of that I've
cried more lately than I have since the day Seth and I
broke up that last time... and after the fact when I
realized just how much I really did love him. I wasn't
thinking it was a good thing. AM I crazy for thinming that?
But on the same token... he'd ask me what was wrong, and I
never would answer him because when I get upset and I'm
crying I can't talk without screaming, so I'd just say that
I didn't want to talk about it. It's my fault just as much
as it is his. But last night, we got into yet another
fight, and I was up crying for about 3 hours, talking to my
mom on the phone. She said I should write him a latter, so
I did. I put everything in it that I could think of that
had been bothering me... including the whole Terri issue.
(She's his ex-whatever that broke his heart a bunch of
times. He was "in love" with her, and she still calls the
house when she needs something. Lately, she's been calling
here and hanging up when she hears me answer. CALLER ID!
DUH!) But we talked about it. We're all better now. I'm
impressed. It actually worked! He told me stff that he
hadn't pointed out befpre that was bothering him. I don't
think he really meant to, but that was the way it went. I
need to thank my mom. Don't let me forget.

I start driving today. I'm in driver's ed, and my first
time behind the wheel (legally) is today in like... an
hour. I'm excited, but I'm scared out of my fucking mind at
the same time. Does that make sense? lol But anyway... I
gitta go because it's been a VERY lazy day, and I still
have to do stuff. So... bye!


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