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2003-07-21 07:49:00 (UTC)

I'm growing a backbone--it'll be gone soon.

I honestly dont know why I bother. We've only been
together for 5 yrs and our fights keep getting worse.
Sure, you tell me you wish I'd act the way I did when were
were first together... why in the hell wouldn't you?
Back then you could do whatever the hell you wanted. Stay
out for as many days as ya want, stumble in drunk, hight,
coming down...shit Told you I wasnt mad or that I forgave
you. A person can
only take so much shit.
I think I scream more now because you know what u
did/do is wrong... you've told me so during one of our
many "make ups" (aka: you patrinize me, make me think
you'll stop doing it)... and you still continue ta do
so. You're even worse when you're brothers' are around.
You dont think I hear ur little comments when I leave the
room?? To top it off, I cant even take the sleeping
pills my psych prescribed for me. I've had it up to here
w/ waking up in the middle of u having sex w/ me!! How
sad is that??
I told you last month that If Mike wasnt gone by July
1rst, that I was going to leave. You made him leave, but
sure enough, he was back again... not even two weeks
later... "for one night" And to tell me he's going to
live here while he goes to school again???? This is my
apartment. My home...I was never this angry before I
started living with you... When
you're not around, I dont get frustrated w/ Rinnie, I dont
scream at her, I'm a lot less tense/irritable.
I honestly dont know how much more of this I can
take.. I'm 22 years old... I feel 40.