apfel diary
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2003-07-21 04:33:38 (UTC)

wow...really tired these..

wow...really tired these days.why?!sigh..2 days ago
(saturday)i had moved a lot of things.cos we needed move to
a new clinic where bigger than old one.i moved all of files
to the new clinic and the other nurse cleaned up there.u
know,there are thousand of files i got to move.it very
heavy.and i took a lot of files at once.(lol i was lazy to
turn back so many times.)sigh..my hands are painful after
moving it. the hardest thing is i moved the big table with
doctor's husband.he said he didnt know that i can move that
table as i just a gal.lol i was laughed when i heard it.but
they dunno that i was so tired.we worked till 12:30am.dr.'s
husband drove us home as there are no car/bus at that
time.when i got home,it already 1am.and i got to get up so
early next morning.hehe..cos my friend and i went to ocean
park yesterday.i slept on the bus.had been feeling sleepy
and tired.my hands cant take heavy things anymore.hm..one
of my friends terry is a good guy. he knows that i cant
take anything,he always take the things for
me.and..yesterday it was raining in the morning.he shared
his umbrella with me.of cos he took the umbrella,i just
standed next to him.hm..i know my friend like him.so that i
rather walk without taking umbrella with him.all my hair
got wet.cos i dont want my friend make any
misunderstand.sigh..im out of it. actually i made many
chances and space to them.i did alway walk alone and gone
somewhere first.hm..we didnt play much there.just walked
around there and watched the show.i love the sea lions
there.they are so cute,u know.they can do many things like
a human.like shake their hands,hide and seek etc.so funny.
i didnt take any picture.cos it was too hot..no mood to
take it at all.hehe..i bought panda and some dolls at the
souvenir store.bad terry asked me bought those thing for
whom.lol i said i bought it to myself.and he laughed at
me.so bad..