I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-07-21 03:49:24 (UTC)


Saturday started out HOT! The homes in Boston (ok, the
older homes) were built even before the idea of air
conditioning so it doesn't exist. Blah, so hot. But we got
up and went out and about.

Nicole took Kelly and I around to places she wanted to
show us. First up and down Harvard St. to the petshop and
the comicbook store and some others, then to see her
school, then over to Harvard Square to the Burger Cottage.
Good burgers, and they don't advertise yet have still been
voted Best In Boston for years and years. Check 'em out at
www.mrbartleys.com Neat place.

We met up with Jess again (see previous posts for who Jess
is) for burger cottage dinner, and then to some garage
somewhere that had shops in it. There was also a tattoo
place there. Kelly had 2 tattoos already, but was in the
mood for another one, so we all trooped in.

It was a nice place, very clean, full of sunlight, and
just seemed right. Kelly got a really, really cool tattoo
that ALMOST made me think about getting one myself. She
got the outline of a star behind her right ear. It's very
small, and you'd miss it if you weren't checking out her
ear and neck. It's really simple, classy, and pretty. The
tattoo "artist" was funny and nice and kind of crass which
was perfect because we're kinda crass too. He complimented
her on her boobs because they made good armrests. Heh.
Funny guy. But nice.

I also got a Harvard Crew shirt for my brother and a book
at the Coop (Harvard's bookstore). The shirt was a HIT
back at home and I rule. Moving on now...

Back to Nicole's apartment to drop off our purchases and
to change because we're going to go back to the bar that
we went to on Friday. We get there and have a few drinks,
but Nicole is just not feeling well at all, and by
midnight there wasn't any dancing which is why we went
there in the first place so we went home and crashed. It
was a long day, but fun. Just a bunch of looking around
and adding more miles to my invisible pedometer. *smiling*

Sunday is next.