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2003-07-20 22:52:47 (UTC)

2 parties one night? what?!

This usually never happens to me. I went clubbing on
Friday. Not just clubbing, but my first foam party.
Yesterday morning I'm talking to Yesenia, telling her how
we got an invite for another party to go to today. So we're
gonna go. My dad comes in and says he's got a surprise for
me. So I'm like, is this a good surprise? He sais you'll
see. So we walk downstairs and he tells me about the
neighbors son that is my age. Actually a few months older
since it's his birthday party today. So I talk to this
dude, the parents leave us alone and he invites me. He's
really nice and super cute. Blond blue eyes and tanned. It
works nicely for him.

So I ended up going to that party, and I was the first one
there. I bought him a modifier car like the ones that
danish assembles for fun. (Thanks mom for the idea it was
perfect, I heard he was working on it this morning.)

The party though was reall fun. He was surprised that I
don't drink, smoke, or eat meat. He was wondering about
that every time we talked, since most of the time we talked
he was offering me something to drink and it always
consisted of being non alcoholic. He's so cute and
provocative so as to getting you a drink and making you
happy in that way. You know, being a good host.

I've been in such situations where I don't know many people
and their acting foolish plus drinking, so I didn't mind
just sitting there. It was an all right partey. It was
boring though, at first when no one was drunk yet, so I
called for Michelle to get me out. It was about 10 so I've
done my job. I met the dude, we talked before anyone got
there we're cool with each other now and it was about time
to go. So I said good bye. We went to the other party.
There was nothing there. We called the dude, he didn't pick
up. (Called me back this morning and said the party got
busted and moved several times.) We called him a few times
that night and he didn't respond until this morning. (Even
left a message.)

So we went to the dude's party. His name is Wojtek. (Ironic)
He was his good jumpy nice, cute host again. Pleased to see
us too, but Michelle and Karoline were bored and didn't
know anyone so after they finished what we had to drink we
left to my house. This one drunk guy Luke started talking
to us that if we leave it will brake his heart. That he'll
hide under the table.

We went online to check out whether we had the right house,
and we did. We IM's DJLamer since we found that he was
online. Though he was slow in reply he told us some of the
jiffy on what happened, and wanted us to go over to him.
Ha, tough luck. I wanted to go back to the party now. There
was simply nothing better to do. They didn't want to
though. Michelle wanted to go to a cafe now, and Karoline
wanted to go to sleep, so I went to the party (it was about
two by now,) and they went on their merry way somewhere,
prabobly home.

Though I'm not one for drinking smoking and eating meat, it
was a splendid party and some fun was made of it. I'm not
complaining, and the guy is real nice. I'm glad to have
made his aquaintance, but I don't know what I will do today.