Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-07-20 22:32:55 (UTC)

You say this and that...

you say im stupid
i say im not
you call me a slut
i know im not
you call me a loser
i know im not
you call me a freak
i know i am
You say such hurtful things
it makes me go to a dark place
a place where i cant handle being
Maybe the next time you call me stupid
or call me a slut
or call me a loser
i might just end up agreeing with you
You say it so often
maybe it will end up being true
i might be stupid
i might be a freak
i might be a slut
i might be a loser
but im not you
and i thank god for that
anything is better than being you
Youve hurt me so many times
So many ways
how can you be such a hurtful man
how can all this hurt come from one person
the one person i never did anything to
in the end it ends up being a good question