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2003-07-20 22:11:28 (UTC)

The most boring summer ever

Ok, This by far... Is the most boring summer ever. i have
talked to nicholas maybe twice this summer , he hasnt
changed a bit, Im still nto speakin to isaac cuz hes a lil
pervert who is dirty and goin to hell. He asked sum very
inapropiate favors, I was liek "OH HELLZ NAWL". I have
chilled with erika every day of this summer. SHe is probaly
the only reason im alive right now cuz i was have died of
boredom a long time ago, Dang i havent written in here a
good minute. I jus read the entry aboput levi and im in
shock that iw as that stuck over ....... LEVI KESTER!!!! OH
MY DANG. That is so wrong. Levi i miss him sort of .

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