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2003-07-20 20:15:15 (UTC)

life's crazy

Wow, so it seems pretty certain that this guy i've
liked...since i met him basically that he likes me back...I
dunno how long he's liked me. But he basically incinuated
that he wanted to ask me out. It's just tricky because we
live somewhat far apart due to timing issues not terriblely
were in the same state but a huge state says nothing to
that. But that can be dealt with. I've just been smiling
all the time recently. I mean this guy is beyond sweet. I
have a feeling that i finally found a guy that all my
friends will approve of. I was thinking about that for a
while...none of my serious boyfriends were liked by my
friends...and they if they didn't dislike them sure as hell
didn't want me dating them. But this new one...if we go out
i don't think i'll have to worry about people liking them.
He is the nicest person that i have ever met and so
thoughtful, and he likes me...my parents will prolly even
like him, i mean the liked my second boyfriend until he
turned pyscho but even then they still sorta liked him they
just didn't like what he was doing to me. Whichis fair
enough, and my mom isn't all too keen on the guy i was
briefly seeing, i mean we hjave nothing bad between us so
it's like we are always dating because we basically call
each other up and it's like you wanna go out and we do, but
there is nothing serious about it...i'm not even sure how
much i like him. Oh well it doesn't really matter
anyway...i'm just in an almost happy bliss which is nice.
My niave friend claimed that i was in love, ha! you have to
date someone to even begin to contimplate being in love.
But what can I expect for someone that has never truly been
in love, thinks shes in love now and to her it probably
feels that way. And it's not a bad thing it's very pure but
a lot of the time it's just an illusion or lust or puppy
love, a term i truly hate. So i can see where she's be
confused about it. I'm not in love...too soon for that, but
i do really like this guy and he is wonderful and he makes
me feel special and i would not mind at all to be his
girlfriend or to spend more and more time with him, no i
wouldn't mind that at all.


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