Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2003-07-20 14:36:37 (UTC)


I just got back from FSU. Good fun, good fun. I had a really
good time living in the dorms, and going to class on my own
, and going to eat on my own, and doing everything on my
own. It was really a breath of fresh air. I needed to go
away for a while so that I could somewhat calm my
frustratingly horrible urge to leave and not ever come back.
My god it was good. You know, the rooms weren't great, and
the food wasn't great, and the matresses were horrible, and
we had to endure the grotesque company of 200-300 middle
schoolers the last week we were there. But I was free from
everything that had been overwhelmingly plauging my life the
past while. The people at the Vocal Solo week were really
great. we were like a big group of old friends, even though
the greater majority of us had never met one another at all
before. It was a really good experience, and hope fully some
of us will keep in touch. I'm exahusted. ha, what's new?
we'd usually get a majority of an 8 hour nights rest in the
dorms. most of the time it was much less than that. I'd just
lay there for hours with my eyes closed moving this way and
that. it would get very lonely the later it got. If I laid
on my side I could feel where one arm would be wrapped
around my waist and the other holding the hand above my
head, and where a chest wold be against my back. If I laid
on my stomach I could feel a hand on my back. so on and so
forth. As sad as it is to say, that's the only thing I
missed about being home. I loved singing everyday, I loved
walking to class, I loved not talking to my parents
everyday, and not seeing them everyday. Overall it was a
good experience. It really was.