All That I Am
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2003-07-20 02:27:33 (UTC)

Devoured By Time

"She thinks, suddenly, of Vanessa's kiss. The kiss was
innoncent - innocent enough - but it was also full of
something not unlike what Virginia wants from London, from
life; it was full of a love complex and ravenous, ancient,
neither this nor that. It will serve as this afternoon's
manifestation of the central mystery itself, the elusive
brightness that shines from the edges of certain dreams;
the brightness which, when we awaken, is already fading
from our minds, and which we rise in the hope of finding,
perhaps today, this new day in which anything might happen,
anything at all."
-pgs 209/210 of "The Hours"

About two hours ago I watched "The Hours". Just five
minutes ago I finished reading "The Hours". The movie was
excellent but the book was powerful. I have so many
thoughts swirling around in my head right now I don't know
what to put down. I think I have a new favorite book
though, despite how good Harry Potter was. It took me less
than two weeks to read Harry Potter And The Order of the
Phoenix and that was like 860pgs. And it took me about two
and half weeks to finish The Hours which was 228pgs. Yet
honestly The Hours is the superior book. Harry Potter is
light and fun and magical. The Hours is dark, lyrical,
and real. There were so many passages that I loved from the
book but the one above hit a nerve. I'm not going to
get all into it because I don't really know how to put what
I'm thinking down. It honestly feels way too complex right
now...I would understand it because it's me but noone else
would because they're foreign thoughts. All I can say
though is that I honestly love this book and have an urge
to pick it up and read it again because I know there was so
much that I missed. The ending was just so overwhelming. It
was brilliant. The undeniable feeling I got from this book
throughout most of it was how gloom and dreary life (the
hours) can you can do so much in life and have
love and family and status...but ultimately you'll be and all your accomplishments will slowly
be devoured by time. Yet, even with the ending, the book
was strangely a hopeful kind of way. See I
knew this would come out weird. You know when you have to
just write something down or say something because you're
afraid you'll forget it or it'll loose meaning over
time...that's what this entry is...I just had to write
about the book and that passage because...I don't felt personal. Okay I think that's it for know!

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