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2003-07-20 01:05:09 (UTC)

Hate The Game

I work at Mcdonald's now..
and I have been for a few weeks now. During those
few weeks I met a guy named Angel. EVERYONE at work told
me he was a player.. he had kids.. and about 5
girlfriends.. one who is currently pregnant with his
child. For some incomprehensible reason.. I payed no
attention whatsoever to anything anyone told me about him.
He was really cute... really sweet.. and he seemed like an
all around good guy. So he flirted with me.. kissed me
many times... held my hand and all.. and of course.. I fell
for all of it. He kept saying things like "when do I get to
meet my in-laws" and kept asking if I wanted to go out with
him. The thing that really pisses me off is that he told me
he wanted a long term relationship with me.. and that he
didn't want me to break his heart. BREAK HIS HEART?!?!?! I
don't even know why he bothered asking me out...he did it
several times.. and I'd tell him to "ask me later" because
I honestly didn't wanna break his heart... so there I was..
thinking about how I don't wanna hurt this guy by going out
with him and then dumping him shortly after... while he's
planning to play me all along... ironic don't ya think?
Anyway, Last night we went to see Bad Boys 2... he
held my hand the entire time.. and I put my head on his
shoulder, and he rested his on mine... he was really
sweet.. I spent more time paying attention to him than I
did the movie.. basically because he kept looking into my
eyes every 10 mins. Then at the end of the night he kissed
me.. and it wasn't a huge makeout kiss.. it was just a
little kiss.. a really sweet one... so when I got home all
I thought about was what a great night I had... The next
day.. I go into work.. and one of the managers (who told me
Angel was a bad idea to begin with) was talking about how
Angel's GIRLFRIEND called to say he wouldn't be in work
today because he had a "doctor's appointment".... so I
looked at her.. shocked... and she said "I told you he was
no good"... and she was right.. I should have listened to
her.. and everyone else... then everyone proceeded to tell
me how many girlfriends he had... It's crazy because.. they
all told me this when I first started talking to him... I
just didn't wanna believe it... I just hoped that some way
they were all wrong about him... even though most of them
had known him for years... so yeah.. here I am... I still
haven't talked to him... he's probably going to get fired
for skipping work... that would be nice... I don't know how
I'm gonna be able to work with him there everyday.

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