lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-07-19 15:10:06 (UTC)

just curious...

COULD I MESS UP ONE MORE TIME?! no, don't think so...

well i had a thoroughly disgusting dream last night...partly gross,
partly funny, and part of it made me cry when i woke up. ohh man.
i'll tell you if you ask because it was just too much to handle.

but here comes the messing, seriously, i doubt i could be
less responsible. traffic school was supposed to be at 8 this
morning, not 9. last night i told my dad we didn't need to leave
until 8:15, but this morning when i looked at my calendar i realized
i was supposed to be there at 7:45...and it was already 8:10. lots
of numbers, but the simple summary is this: i screwed up again.
i'm sure my parents are furious. and i'm furious because i
seriously can't do anything right. wow. ahh. i have to get this
ticket cleared before hume...which i can scarcely be excited about
right now because my parents so don't like me at the moment...