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2003-07-19 09:53:23 (UTC)

1st foam party...

...and definately not last. Went with Karoline, as planned,
though plans changed and came back home last minute. Went
to see pirates of the carribean, but instead we ended up
not seeing that. (Me and Aindrea.) We were kinda 5 minutes
ahead of schedule when we got there, she thought that this
theatre won't let you in if you get the ticket within less
then 15 min, of the time. So we went to paris. Their
cheescake was not the same as it used to be. Oh, and the
good news is, that the ditz is back. Haven't seen her there
for quite some time, but she's back. She's so back it
hurts. I still haven't told Karoline, speaking of which,
back to the main topic, the foam party.

So I drove Aindrea home and went to Karoline's. She wasn't
suppose to go cause her b/f didn't want her to, but he
spent the whole day at the beach with his friends, so she
got mad at him and she went with me, and michelle. She had
to retalk michelle into it. I wore the same thing I was
planning on wearing last time, but ended up coming home and
changing into my new bikini. So glad I bought that.

We left and got there before 12. They hardly checked Id's
and ended up to be pretty darn cool. We met quite alot of
guys. SOme of these polish dudes that are throwing a party
tomorrow near by, and this one fine, black dude from
security. We wanna know him cause he might be able to get
us in for free some time, so that would be just so spiffy.

(I think I got a bruise on my head and I have no freaking
idea how.)

THe first guy I danced with really started feeling up on
me. He started going under my bikini. SO I quickly got away
from him. Because of that I was worried about dancing with
some other guys. Others were okay. Not that bad, and some
even quite decent. We are going to that party of theirs
tomorrow. It's free for chicks. So I just am not really
sure so as to what I'm gonna wear. I'm thinking the beige
corset like thing. But it's gonna be cold so not exactly
sure. Oh well.

I like the driver of the car. His nickname is Ciacho. Tall
blond and cute. We'll see what happens tomorrow. They will
definately be funny since they will be drunk.