2003-07-19 08:09:44 (UTC)


so saw bruce again tonight. third time this week. ive been
trying to write in this all week but things keep happening,
i click off by accident... pages and pages get erased...
things of this nature.
this princess bride is on. i dearly love this movie.

i feel blessed, i do, for being able to attend these
concerts... having a mom to pay for them...

got all sad tho... tonight at the bar afterwards... maybe
its the lack of sleep... the emotion of the show... who
knows. started thinking deeply about life and all kinds of
intricasies sitting at the bar... even when immersed in
conversation.. this rapid thinking.. crazed almost.
unbearable really within the setting of this dive bar.

too much...

so tired... so many things i wanna say... not enough
consciousness to say it...

aint so sin to be glad youre alive...
wanna find one face that aint lookin through me
wanna find one place
wanna spit in the face of these badlands