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2003-07-18 20:12:48 (UTC)


you know, i really used to love fridays during school. but
now they don't particularly mean anything special. during
summer and all, sometimes all the days just kinda run
together, ya know? and none of them really have any special
significance. but hey, its summer, i cant complain.

so lets see. i havent done much this week. been working on
sanding the steps, but its such a monotonous job that i can
only do one or two steps at a time before getting
completely bored. i think ive done 6 and there are about 7
more. but im going to workcamp next week so they arent
gonna get done for awhile.

what else. i've been driving my mom around every night to
different places, cause i get my license in 10 days. but
since im gonna be in petersburg all next week, im not gonna
be driving, so my mom wants me to get in as much practice
as i can this week, also considering that i didnt drive for
all of the two weeks that i was in new york. so i think one
night i took the toyota out to get gas and go to the store,
and thats always scary, but i feel so powerful driving that
car! but i won't let it go to my head, i promise. and i
drove to the library one night, and one night it was
walmart and ukrops. i think there was another ukrops night
in there too. im sick of driving to ukrops, it takes like 2
seconds and i wanna drive somewhere more challenging! so
tonight im gonna go with mom to kohls, which is right next
to ukrops, big improvement, eh? oh well, my time will

oh so yesterday i went to see pirates of the caribbean with
pam. it was a really good movie. johnny depp was awesome,
even though on my own i wouldnt have realized that that was
who it was (thanks pam :) ) but anyway he was really good.
and orlando bloom was really good too. and he didnt look
too bad, either. ha. thats like the understatement of the
year, he looked really gorgeous. and i was loving the
facial hair, too. mmmmmmmm.....

so then lets see today i cut the grass, which is always an
adventure. it was really hot today though, so i didnt enjoy
it as much as usual, i just wanted to be done with it. and
then i cleaned my room, well i cleaned up the clothes at
least. i had to clean out my drawers so that i could find
ruinable (i dont really think thats a word, it just sounds
cool) clothes to wear to workcamp. but thats why we're goin
to kohls tonight, so i can buy some "crap shorts" as my
sister calls them. so workcamp. im a little nervous, cause
i've never been before. im not really very big on the whole
before-in-your-life thing, but lauren's gone the past
couple years and she always has a lot of fun. of course,
she's a ton more sociable and extroverted than i am, so
we'll hafta see.

anyway, i gotta go put the lawn mower away and check and
see if theres any gas left in it for lauren to do the back
yard later.

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