The Faeries' Revenge
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2003-07-18 16:38:06 (UTC)

FINALLY! a dream!

well, it's not much of an impresive dream but it's the
first I've had (well, remembered) for many months so it's a
big deal to me. Is it strange that I only remember 2 or 3
dreams a year? And, unless they're very spectacular, I
don't remember them long anyway. Hmm. Maybe it had
something to do with all the heavy emotions of yesterday
combined with having heatstroke, going to bed late, and
actually being woken up by my alarm instead of beating the
clock. anyway...

I'm hanging out in the cushy chair area of the Rhodes Hall,
except it's an enclosed classroom instead of an open area.
There isn't a class going on and I guess I'm just studying
or relaxing. Denise walks in through the front doors
(which still look the same as the normal entrance doors of
the Rhodes Hall). She is filling out student loan forms
for fall semester. I say, "oh yeah, I forgot it was time
for those. I don't have to do them this semester because I
got a scholarship." She gasps and says, "Yay!
Congratulations!" while hugging me. Outside the room,
someone from the computer lab shushes us.

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