little pig does poetry
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2003-07-18 08:34:45 (UTC)

A Little Music for Two

Engine choking
your broken sobs
like a pathetic symphony.
Keys in my hand rattle
furiously as fired anger
abuses them again and again.

Seeming to never end,
I glance at you--
Clairol red hair wet
from your messy tears,
and black mascara
smeared on cheeks
like shit on the windshield.

Words must drown inside
this crying chunk of metal--
you seem deaf to
my pleads to "Stop it!"
And the fishnet top gripping
your naked breasts
no longer reel in
my sexual appetite.

So the rattle stops,
and silence stands witness
to temporary wedlock--
knuckles and jaw.
Your head swings gracefully
to the right--and rests.

And again, I tend to the engine,
with the symphony slightly
altered--only a rattle
and a few, quiet chokes.