No time for love Dr. Jones
2003-07-18 06:54:16 (UTC)

Whoa, here's a first

I've been reading a few other people's diaries today. I've
been sitting here at work, and my supervisor's on holidays.
So I'm pretty much croozin the net unchecked. Man I love my

Anyway, I noticed that A LOT of other people use their
diaries to write poetry and junk, so I thought, "Fuck it
I'm gonna put one of my songs down". I've always been a bit
worried of doing that. Someone might come along and find it
and use it and steal a little piece of my soul.

Anyway, here goes. It doesn't have a title, but I think
it's a nifty little number. It starts soft and gets heavy
in the middle, then finishes off soft again.

Don't waste your time on me just think,
Life's full of more important things
Don't waste your time on me before,
You lose your chance to close the door

Don't waste your breath on me today
You should know better, stay away
Don't waste your breath on me yet still
You look at me, as if you will

Don't waste your life on me, I beg
You may just live to regret
Don't waste your life on me before
Open up, and peek inside the door

Broken dreams and murmured screams
Remind us all of what it means
To have, to hold, to keep control
To stay alive within the mould

I've won and lost throughout my life
Turned my back on firends with knives
Bled until my veins ran dry
But I came back, I just won't die

Don't waste your tears on me you’ll see
Inside your heart you hold the key
Don't waste your tears on me no more
Turn around and lock the door