down in my eyes
2003-07-18 05:11:03 (UTC)

to the ugly & fat people.

Elaine called me just now. She has a nickname that she
uses on everyone- her boyfriend, our dad,...& me. I
answered the phone,

me: "hello.."

her: "hi... is Fatso there? her name is janice."

me: "ehh. no fatso here. ithink i know janice, tho.
but, she's the skinny person, here."

her: "no, i've seen her. she's pretty faat. i'm very

me: "ur kidding me! she looks thin, to me."

her: "maybe from far away. but, up close, she's
pretty big!"

Ha. Cookies, anyone?

Other random quotes that popped in my head for some
weird reason...:

"Ugly people get laid... By other ugly people." -Mark.

me: "ur getting soo tan, now, ur almost black!"

danny: "yeh. i'm yo' niggah."

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