Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-07-18 04:56:34 (UTC)

Something Else...

Hey lately, i've been doing a lot of thinking. Astrid
and me are like together still. And I love being with her.
One day I plan on going to see her. Wendy asked me to come
over a long time ago, and I still haven't gone yet. I
finally talked to Malinde a good while ago. Seems shes
going out with some guy named Derek I think.... I keep
wondering if this was meant to happen.
Not that they weren't meant for each other in that
way, but me choosing the path I'm walking now. But I don't
really want anything else but to be with Astrid! I guess
I'm asking for too much, or taking ths a little too far.
I'll have to be careful, because I don't won't my heart
broke again. School is comming soon also. I just hope I can
get into homeschool.... Well I'll talk more later, trigun
is comming on. later