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2003-07-18 03:05:06 (UTC)


I made it to the airport after leaving the car at the
FlitePark for my mom to pick up the next Tuesday. The
driver of the little bus from the lot to the terminal gave
me another ticket while on the bus that was required to
pick up the car and that pissed me off 'cause it meant
that I now had to overnight it to my mom in VA instead of
being able to just leave it in the damn car. Ah well.


I made it to the terminal with time to spare, got on a
plane to Charlotte, then went on to Boston. Kelly and her
mom were late picking me up because of traffic, but I was
found and all was well. We drove to Nicole's apartment. I
got my first taste of Boston on the way. It was amazing.
The architecture, the crowds, the traffic (Bostonians
don't believe in lanes apparently). Finally, we were
dropped off.

The three of us (Kelly, Nicole, and I) changed clothes and
went in search of food. It was dinner time. We walked
about 3 blocks up and found a little pizza place and had,
you guessed it, pizza. Then to Whole Foods down the road
for water and rootbeer. By the time we were done, it was
time to head back to the apartment before going out.

Nicole's apartment is lovely, and HUGE! Crown molding,
nice kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms and a bath. Very
lovely. Quiet street as well. On a side note, I am
somewhat obsessive/compulsive and must count stairs. But
everywhere we went that had steps had an odd number. There
were 11 up to Nicole's apartment. Odd numbered steps
bother me. Anyway.

So then we took the T (after a lesson on how to fold a
dollar bill correctly so the driver won't yell at you) to
Harvard street (which is near BU, not Harvard) to a little
bar for drinks. Cider and cape codders and buttery nipples
abound and then the 80s music started. Yay!! So fun! So
then I was put in charge of another round of shots and
ordered lemon drops. It turns out that Florida makes them
differently than every other state. I'm used to a shot of
vodka and lemon juice and a bit of sugar in a shot glass
with sugar on the rim. Lick the rim and then shoot it.
What we got were 3 shots of straight vodka, (and each
glass was way more than a shot let me tell you) a lemon
slice and a sugar packet.

So we had lemon drops and danced and poor Nicole was
TRASHED. We walked back to the T stop at about midnight
because it stops running at 12.30. With a quick stop at an
all night convience store for crap food, a fight with some
guy who was drunker than we were and wanted us to go home
with him and then having Nicole pour a SlushPuppy (a blue
one!) on the floor we finally made it to the stop.

Poor Nicole was sick (a cold) and drunk and had to pee.
Kelly and I decided to convince her just to cop a squat.
We wondered how far she'd actually take it. And we almost
talked her into it. But she didn't, which was for the

Helped her home, she passed out on the bathroom floor in
front of the toilet and wouldn't move so we just peed over
her (no, not on her sickos) and went to bed.

Thus was my first day of Boston. Still more to come...


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