worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2003-07-18 02:39:29 (UTC)

Day of Discipline #3

For over eating and not exercising 2 times this week I will be whipped on my stomach. I stand naked with my arms stretched hight above my head, arching my back and stretching my abs. You take the leather strap and whip it across my stomach. I try hard to hold the position because if I move, the stroke will not count. I receive 30 lashes up and down my stomach (5 extra because I moved). Thank you.

For masturbating, my pussy will be whipped. I lay on my back and reach my legs up in the air and over my head. I spread my legs wide apart, exposing my pussy to you. Again, I must hold the position or receive a penalty stroke. You bring the leather strap down hard on my pussy and fire rips through me. You deliver 20 lashes (only 3 extra this time). Thank you.

For wasting too much time watching TV and playing online, I will be degraded as the lazy slut I am. You take rope and circle the base of each of my tits until they are purple and bulging. You then attach clothespins to each of my nipples. I sit on the floor with the soles of my feet flat together. I bend forward and put my 2 big toes in my mouth and suck on them. You take a red marker and write "SLUT" on my forehead and "LAZY FUCK" on my back. I hold the position for 30 minutes while you take picture of me and post them online. Thank you.

For not cleaning my apartment I will be caned. First you havve me stand in a corner with my tits still tied tight and holding the can clenched between my ass cheeks. After another 30 minutes, you position me lying face down on the bed with a pillow under my hips. My hands are clasped behind my head, if I move them I will suffer 2 penalty strokes. You deliver 15 stinging strokes of the cane to my upturned ass as I scream into the bed (only 2 penalty strokes this time). Thank you.

Finally, for being a bitch to some people during the week, I suffer the electricity torment. I lay on my back gagged and blindfolded. You take the electric wand on a medium setting and slowly move it over my skin. My arms are at my sides and legs apart. I am not allowed to move. You start at my pussy and drag it up along my stomach to my tits and down the sides of my ribs. Everytime you see me move you up the setting and start over. Your movements are slow and designed to torture me the most. You move the wand where you know it wil make me flinch. You hold it on one of my nipples just a second longer than I can stand. I can only squeal through the gag and the torment continues until you are satisfied that my bitchiness will not return. Thank you.

Before you leave me, I must still grant you any one request you make. This week you want to spank my tits. You sit in a chair and I kneel in front of you with my hands behind my head and chest pushed forward. You put a series of rubber bands around the base of my tits so they stretch out even more. You take turns slapping my tits back and forth with your hands. You tell me not to make a sound. The slaps are hard and soon you an "ouch" escape my lips. As a penalty, you use the riding crop to slap straight against each of my nipples twice. You the resume the tit spanking. I take another 6 nipple lashes from the crop and countless smacks from your hands before you are satisfied.

Thank you again. See you next week.