2003-07-18 02:10:23 (UTC)

warem niet

Art history boy and I made flash cards of Rennaisance
artwork on a black and white copy machine. He kept trying
to hold my hand and I dug into his with my nails as
punishment and laughed softly. That's how I make friends.

I just realized that I have a sexual fascination with men's

In other news, I have two papers to write by next week,
both at least 5 pages.

I want to sleep at the ocean.

I've been told I look like at least 4 male rock stars.
David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Billy Idol and now Sid Vicous.
This is flattering in a really weird way.

Rose isn't my friend anymore at all. I avoided her and
acted indifferent to her. She soon did likewise. We didn't
relate to each other anymore in the slightest. It was
always a mystery that we understood each other so well,
being externally opposite. She is a good person, and I have
fond memories of her, but I felt that she was stifling me
and being selfish and overbearing. While she needs to be
NEEDED and loved by people, I need to be respected and
given space for my individuality. I will easily sacrifice
being liked by others to establish that personal space if

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