lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-07-18 00:43:18 (UTC)


just checking if you still read this...haha cuz if you do, i'm sure you'll
enjoy that part.

so basketball camp has been day is great, the
next is a suck. c'est la vie. today was a suck. ohhh wellll and
whatnot. i'm reading romans right now and i love it and my free
hour every day kind of forces me to do it...or else spend time with
weird folks. haha. so it's a good time, and i'm learning and i'm still
bouncing off the walls with lame embarrassing stupidity but that's
how i am. mm. sleep would be cool. and i can get some tonight.
tomorrow's friday but saturday will be interesting since i have to go
to traffic school.

but yeah. life is cool. i'm sustained. even though i enjoyed "you
have no future part xxiv" last's ok, i suppose..