No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-07-17 21:51:24 (UTC)

Never Knew

Never Knew

I never knew life
Until I knew love
I never knew love
Until I knew you
I never knew you
Until you knew me
I never did live
Before your love for me

You did the impossible
You knocked me off my feet
You carried me away
Into your love so deep
You broke into my heart
And stole all of me
I never though I'd love you
So easily

You are my world
My day, my night
When I'm with you
I know I'll be alright
Thoughs of you help me sleep at night
Our love is so pure, so true, so right

Without my world would be incomplete
Without you my light would be dark and deep
Without you my life would mean nothing
Without you my heart would stop beating
Without you I am nothing

I never knew life
Until I knew love
I never knew I
Could love so much
I never did live until I felt your touch

~Ashley Bott
*sigh* Tricia needs to die. She keeps taking my VCR and
promising to hook it back up, but she never hooks it back
up. So, I made her do it this time and she gave me shit
about it. We ended up hitting eachother and she is no
longer allowed in or near my room. I mean it too, she
really pissed me off this time.
My dad lied again...what's new? I'm sick of hearing about
it though.