The Squizz
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2003-07-17 17:40:57 (UTC)

Airport Security??

So, if we are a people who pride ourselves on being a
superpower. One step ahead of the game, under a governing
body designed to keep it's people safe. Why then, was I
able to carry a 3 1/2 inch Baisong (Butterfly) knife and
another pocket knife through security at the airport???
Suddenly I feel soooo secure! I did this unknowingly of
course, merely forgetting that I had them in my purse, yet
the fact remains that myself, my purse, and knives made it
on the plane unstopped and unhindered. I think this most
certainly proves that the feeling of safety/comfort that
we feel when boarding an aircraft that is 'secure' and
that our fellow passengers have been checked and are free
of weaponry, free of sharp objects, free of tweezers- this
feeling is an illusion at best.