This is my life... welcome to it
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2003-07-17 07:57:42 (UTC)


Summer is just boring =P But I've been glancing at 2 girls
in Spanish, yeah I know I shouldnt be because I have a
girlfriend, but she lives 3 hours away... I mean I'm not
gonna do anything, maybe its just one of those things. I
know she does it sometimes, but I know she wont do anything
with them.

Well, 1 more week of Spanish, then I wont go nuts anymore.
Cant wait till I dont have to deal with the class anymore,
my brain is getting flooded with Spanish and I'll actually
go out with friends more. I've just started coming out my
anti-social thing that I had, I was kinda fading in and out
but I've been making a lot more friends lately. I do know
that I need to get out more, I just havent really wanted to
lately. But I'll get around to it all after Spanish is
done, I know that for sure.

So yeah... I dunno, I'm just bored with summer right now.
Oh! But I do remember seeing Pirates of the Caribbean (I
forgot to write about it before), saw it openning day and
last Friday, that movie's great! If you havent seen it, GO
SEE IT! Such a great movie....

Senior year is going to be a little weird, ful scheduel,
but its gonna be fun I suppose. Just have to wait and see
how everything turns out. I'm going to be busy for the
first semiester for sure, but I'll be able to go out more
since my parents will probably let me have a car for
awhile, that'll be nice. Maybe I'll go drive out to
Seaside or something. I know I cant exactly drive up to
see Sheena, but when I get chances I know I'll go up there
to be with her.

Anyways I need to crash for more class tomorrow, later


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