mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2003-07-16 18:19:38 (UTC)

would it really matter if i died ?

would it really matter if i died? i doubt it. my children
might miss me for a while ,but their mom has someone else ,
Lisa she at moment isnt too happy w/ me, and now some ex
sent her a ring that he has been holding for i
guess i am easily replaced wherever i go. I still don't
know if i am gonna get approved for soc. sec. im still
uunemployed. basicly i am worthless, nobodyu truly needs
me , why go on? every day i am just fooling the world,
making it look like i belong, like i really matter. give me
a break, my live is just a big act,, i am worth much mmore
dead than alive..