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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2003-07-16 14:10:57 (UTC)

Stupid Me

Haven't logged in for quite some time. I'm now on holidays
and working... as a lame ass sales assistant. It's really
tiring but it's ok when you meet interesting people or
encounter interestingly weird situations with strangers.
I've never greeted so many poeple in my life before.

Well, i've been working for a month plus and i'm gonna
quit this month. The pay is really low and i could barely
survive with it. I still have to go shopping, you know!
You know, shopping for clothes, chocolates, candies, and

My life hasn't changed drastically so far. I'm still as
pathetic as before. A few days ago, i loaned my new friend
whom i barely know and have just met like, weeks ago fifty
bucks. I spoke to her only a few times. She's been giving
me excuses saying that the her mother has not given her
money and the bank was something somehitng.. I think i
will not get back that fifty bucks of mine which i really
need to get myself a new pair of shoes. Fuck.

I can't take a knife or a gun and point it at her and
force her to give my freaking fifty bucks back! What am i
supposed to do? I don't freaking know her?! I know, i'm
such a dumbass for loaning someone money when i don't even
know their full name.

Argh! Everything is so fucked up. I lost my cellphone
recently... misplaced my $200.. and now this. WTF?!

I notice the pattern. My life is getting more and more
pathetic by the moment when i put it all together. I guess
it's a good thing that i'd forget about those fucked up
stuff later. Only then, i'd think "Hey, my life isn't that
freaking bad after all!" Yeah, whatever.

Ok, i gotta go before i go nuts.

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